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This is an article I wrote on my view on Tithing.                    

I like to be open with people about myself and what I do through out my life. Currently I'm a member of a church called Living Way United Methodist Chruch. The church is really having a hard time building a day care center for the children in the back. I want to see my church thrive in abudance of blessings from the Lord. So I devote 10% of my entire income which is $69.40/monthly in a tithe to my church. I'm currently also working exclusively for charity purposes as a network technician/computer technician to help out my church additionally. In addition to doing this I'm also giving all proceeds I'm able to generate as an artist to my church in donations. I will make sure that the money given will make it to the donation plate where I worship. Thanks and God Bless All, Ryan P.S. If you wish to view details about my church you can find out more at