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This is an article I wrote about quitting smoking.                    

This is an article I decided to write on a topic that I particularly seem to struggle with in my mind. I started smoking at age 16 and I've smoked everyday except for a 6 month period when I was 17 and was forced to quit because I was locked up for a crime I committed when I was a juvenile and also a 3 day period when I was 21 in Nashville working for Dell as a Temporary worker when I weaned myself off of cigarettes. Now I know I have a song on our first album "Tomorrow's Dream" entitled "Those Cigarettes" and in it I talk about rolling, smoking, and selling them but that is a song I wrote a while back. I might even write a sequel to that song but either way my music is discussing real things that I go through and that interest me as an artist. My family on my Father's side have really been on me about making a choice to quit smoking. Which I've never really taken seriously until my pastor had gotten through to me that it was destroying my spiritual life with God. The majority of my music speaks of my relationship and my journey I have taken to get to The Lord. I walk to the best of my ability in Jesus's footsteps and as I make my way closer to him things are gradually changing and taking shape to appear more as he would have me appear in his will. I'm by far not perfect but ever since I've became saved and accepted Jesus as my saviour and been baptised by our pastor to annouce that I'm a strong believer in our Lord things have been changing for me. I'm looking at the things I used to think were cool and enjoyed doing and realizing that Jesus or God wouldn't have me commit to such things. The first step I decided to make on my new journey was to wean myself off of smoking this time for good and to be quit by June, 3rd 2012 which is one day after my 27th birthday. 10 1/2 years of smoking has been enough for me. I want to be able to grow old and see my nephews have children and be a good influence to them as I'm sure I will be to my nephews now that I've made this choice for myself. Thanks for reading Forever & Always For God, Ryan or Zer0