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This is an article I wrote about my Church's new Daycare.                     

The daycare at our church is coming along very nicely. Thanks to all who have prayed for our success in this endeavor. We're almost there. I would like to share this article from the October newsletter with you all. To my knowledge it was written by our pastor. Thanks again.

Day Care Project Almost Complete...

"I cannot express how very excited I am to watch the progress on our Day Care Project. As you probably already know this is more than merely a future Day Care Facility... it is also much needed additional space for other activities of the church. Sunday school, a place for children's worship, space for meetings, who knows what will take place in this new area. I am grateful to everyone who has helped to make this dream a reality. So many people have worked hard sacrificing their weekends and perhaps operating outside of their comfort zone. I am amazed especially by The Woodlands United Methodist Church. They have been the core to this faith effort. I knew from the very beginning that our small congregation did not have the workforce or the money to accomplish what God had told me to do, but I know when God asks we are to obey and sure enough we have watched a miracle take place in our wonderful space for the investment. Some may say it was only due to the kindness of a faithful servant of God who had the resources to help us complete the job, but it was more than that alone. Yes, God always uses people. Selfless people who give their hard earned dollars to help with God's vision. However, the miracle also requires a church congregation to be able to look beyond their means. This project never made fiscal sense. The bottom line never balanced and yet God's accounting is different than ours. In God's economics, you can feed five thousand with a few sardines and biscuits. In God's accounting you just need obedience and a few empty pots. On God's balance sheet you just need to go fishing with faith to pay your taxes. Let us remember all this because bigger things are coming!"