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This is my article on my accident.                   

When I was 14 years old I was in a really serious car accident with my sister. Our mother's only two kids. We collided with a tractor trailer at 80 MPH. My sister took the collision on the steering wheel and broke every bone in her face and I took the collision on the dashboard in my left eye. My brain slammed into the front of my skull and on the recoil of the collision into the back of my skull bruising both the front and back, I broke my noise, had enternal bleeding from every one of my organs, and my left elbow was shattered into three pieces. On the recoil our bodies came back with so much force we broke the bench front seat of her car in half and were left in a lying position. The collision with the tractor trailer set it off balance and it fell on top of my sister's car destroying it. I was knocked unconscience on collision. Unfortunately for my sister she was still conscience left with blood and spinal fluid gushing from every opening in her head.

Shortly after the paramedics arrived on the scene of the accident she went unconscience as well. We were airlifted to the nearest hospital which was Erlanger Medical Center in a town called Chattanooga, TN. It turned out that my sister needed reconstructional surgery done on her face to repair the bones that had been broken. Everything in that department went smoothly. I on the other hand wasn't so fortunate, I had internal head trauma. I was kept in a drug induced coma for 2 weeks while other necessary surgeries were performed on me. My sister said "If he dies I wont be able to deal with the guilt of killing my own brother." The doctor informed my family "It doesn't look good for him. He has a lot of swelling in the front and back of the brain. He probably has less than a 5% chance of living. And if he does live chances are that when he comes to he'll most likely be brain dead." My mother and sister cried upon hearing this. 2 days after my second week in the hospital, I awoke not having any memory of what had happened. I couldn't remember how to walk, eat, who anybody was, where I lived, my childhood, and basic education. I was taught how to do everything all over again. I was back in school 6 months after that accident. The point of me telling this story is for all I'm concerned I died 4 years ago....and on that day I awoke in the hospital I was reborn in the mind to start a new life. Down the road my last memory closest to the accident was right before we left our house I remember going back inside to get my jacket than darkness than waking in the hospital. If it wasn't for this incident I don't think that my life would have taken the dramatic turn that it did but I'm thankful that it did because if not I probably would have been a lot worse off. My keepsake from the accident are two scars left on my arms from surgeries performed on me. You'll find the pictures of them below.


This is where I had a vein in my arm get a staff infection and to keep it from spreading they had to cut my right arm open here and cut the vein from my arm.

 This is where the doctor placed a metal plate on my elbow to hold the three pieces together they had to staple and sew my arm shut over it. In the Summer following the accident they cut back down the scar and removed the metal plate from my elbow now all that's left is this scar. I'm still missing about 10% of my radius of motion but I'm fortunate to be alive praise God. Have a good day. I hoped you like my story. Become a fan of my group below and even join the street team if you believe in helping me spread God's Word. Thanks again, Ryan or Zer0